We simply exceed the national standards in the flooring that we produce.

NOFMA/NWFA STANDARD: Quarter-sawn oak flooring must have at least 50% of the piece containing quartered characteristics which are defined by NOFMA as: in cross section, the angle of the annual ring tangent to the face of the piece to be between 45° and 90°. Grain lines must be mostly parallel to the length of strips and medullary ray flecks present and more than 1/16” wide.

Quarter-Sawn Flooring fully supports NOFMA/NWFA grain and grade rules for commodity graded products, we simply exceed their already high standards.


The combination of a quality of wood previously unavailable and cutting methods not used by any other manufacturer has allowed us to handcraft the finest quarter-sawn flooring available. 

Wide “flecking” only occurs at grain angles exceeding 80 degrees. Grain angles lower than about 85 degrees result in narrow and diagonal flecks. At less than than 75 degrees, the display is rift grain. Problems arise when trying to produce wide rift or wide quartered boards.

Quarter-Sawn Hardwood Flooring

In addition to yielding the greatest stability for any species of wood,

quarter-sawing produces the tightest, most constant grain pattern.

Medullary rays (flecks) are cells extending radially within a tree and varying in height (thickness) from a few cells in some species to 3/4" and more in white oak.


The rays serve primarily to store food and transport it horizontally in the tree. On near vertical grained oak boards, the rays form a conspicuous figure, sometimes referred to as flecks.

Perfect Quarter Sawing

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