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Veneer Grade Vertical Grain Flooring of the Highest Quality

Vertical Grain defines perfectly quarter-sawn boards.

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High-end hardwood flooring

For any given product, someone has to be the best.

Our company was created to produce the finest White Oak, Cherry, Hard Maple, Walnut and Red Oak hardwood flooring to be purchased at any price, from any supplier.

To do this we developed a "radial sawmill", modeled after the 1800's "clap-board" mills of New England. With this unique Perfect Quarter-Sawing Technology we are able to highlight the ray-flecks in American Black Cherry, Hard Maple and the Oaks. In all species, this process produces a stunningly iridescent floor with a luxurious warmth that is apparent to anyone that sees it. This complicated sawing technology has other benefits as well. Vertical grain floor boards are about 10% harder than "other sawn" boards. Also, due to our industry-leading 12-ply lamination process, our engineered construction is specified as "best" for radiant heat, oceanfront homes, cement slabs and other difficult climate installations.

It's only fitting that we use only Veneer Grade logs in our production. Barely 1 in 500 trees meet Veneer Grade log criteria. Use of these logs allows us to deliver long-length floorboards of perfectly straight, consistant grain.

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Excellent flooring can make a beautifully designed room great.

Classic Grade Hardwood Flooring

Solid and

The rich colors of imported South American hardwoods
Walnut flooring

While our specialty is the super-high-end of hardwood flooring, we also sell excellent NOFMA/NWFA graded Classic hardwood flooring. All of our Classic Graded flooring is shipped directly from the production mill. This is how we offer all Grades, all Grains, all Length options, and all available Width options without any quality issues related to storage.

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We Love Wood . . .

the feel of it, the look, the color, the technical insights, the trees themselves. It's a life-long passion.

A really nice hardwood floor
This is one of our veneer grade White Oak hardwood floors.




— noun
the property of changing in luster or color like a cat’s eye.

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Knowledge is Power!

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Architects, Builders, and Interior Designers

Please call me. I'm a national award-winning flooring manufacturer. I understand and work daily with some of the finest installations in our county. My speciality is how wood flooring will react with your site-specific issues. I want your wood floor to not only impress your client, I want it to last their lifetime. Read more.Arrow

Kent MacPherson, owner of Quarter-Sawn Flooring
Kent MacPherson
owner of Quarter-Sawn Flooring: "My job is to answer any questions you might have."

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I have been a woodworker since I was 10 years old (46 years experience), and I often struggled to find the exact board that a job required. In the early 1990s, I purchased my first sawmill so that I could source that perfect piece of wood that my designs required. My work moved from furniture to flooring in the early 2000s, and in 2005, my work won the National Wood Flooring Association’s “Floor of the Year” award (the top national award for a wood floor). It was during this period that Quarter-Sawn Flooring was started with its mission to provide the most beautiful and stable wood flooring possible. Read more.Arrow


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Veneer grade quarter-sawing (also known as radial sawing or perfect quarter-sawing) keeps the grain of floorboards as close to 90 degrees as possible. This gives you a tighter, more lustrous grain. Read more.Arrow


Outstanding flooring, knowledgeable service, great prices, advice and experience
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The finest quarter-sawn engineered flooring available anywhere.

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