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Charles Peterson Signature Flooring

Beautiful hardwood floor with transcending clear grade

Charles Peterson, one of America's most respected wood flooring experts.Kent MacPherson, founder of Quarter-Sawn Flooring, America’s leading producer of perfectly grained, engineered flooring products introduces a new partnership with Mr. Charles Peterson, one of America’s most respected wood flooring experts.

Kent and Charlie have worked for almost four years to develop the finest wood flooring product possible. Every board sawn from the highest quality veneer (appearance) grade logs, and by using proprietary "radial sawmilling" technology, and then keeping all boards "in the boule" (organized in the order of which they were sawn), with the result of producing a floor which appears as if it was sawn from one, big perfect tree.

This product line represents the Magnum Opus of Charles Peterson’s lifetime's commitment to wood flooring. Simply stated, Charles's product line is the blue blood of American wood flooring, perfect in every aspect.

Charles Peterson Signature Flooring
Visit the Charles Peterson website for more information and details.

Outstanding, better than clear grade hardwood flooringQuarter-Sawn Flooring specializes in producing engineered flooring products that exceed NOFMA’s Clear Grade and also exceed NOFMA’s Grain specifications.

All of our products are "radially sawn" so every board has the same grain angle. Our grading is across the entire face of every board (whereas NOFMA only grades 50-75% of the face of a board). Our product's features include long lengths averaging over 5' in length, and an engineered format of 15mm exterior grade Baltic Birch cold press bonded to a 4.5mm wear layer resulting in a full 3/4" unfinished engineered product. These products are the "top of the line" for your most discerning customers. Custom pre-finishing is available.

We offer 4 product lines in the Oaks, Walnut, Cherry & Maple:

  • Super Select Grade featuring Long Lengths averaging 7', are radially sawn for perfect grain yet allows a limited amount sapwood (for use in stained applications). Prices range from $7-8.00/sq.ft. in specific widths.
  • Radial Sawn Grade featuring all vertical grain (or all perfect rift grain), Exceeding NOFMA's Clear grade as we remove all sapwood and mineral stains, long lengths averaging 5', widths of 4" to 5/6", (depending upon species). Prices range from $9.25 to $10.50/sq.ft.
  • Charles Peterson Professional Grade featuring all the above plus color grading that eliminates the lightest and darkest 20% of the species natural color range. Also available is the wider widths that are frequently requested of us. Prices range from $12.00/sq.ft. and up.
  • Charles Peterson Signature Grade This product is produced by first acquiring "color matched logs" of veneer quality, resulting in a quality of flooring previously unavailable. The boards from each log are kept together through the production process so as little variation in grade and grain is allowed as possible. Perfect in Grade, Grain, Lengths, Widths & Color. Prices range from $19.00/sq.ft. and up.

Veneer Grade Vertical Grain Flooring of the Highest Quality

Vertical Grain defines perfectly quarter-sawn boards.

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High-end hardwood flooring

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Classic Grade Hardwood Flooring

Solid and

The rich colors of imported South American hardwoods
Walnut flooring

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